(for ages 5 and up)

With an extensive guitar lesson curriculum, our certified and experienced instructors make each lesson challenging while mixing in fun. Whether you’re just beginning, or want to tune your skills to a more advanced level, Playtime Arts Academy is your solution.

If you want to become the next Jimi Hendrix, Eddie Van Halen, or B.B. King, or just wish to tackle the chords and acoustics, each lesson will be tailored to meet your musical goals. Our instructors teach theory, using a variety of guitar method books and songs so you can learn your favorite tunes.

Our guitar teachers focus on your unique personality, teaching you genres from blues, rock, metal, country, and classical. Our instructors are dedicated and willing to coach you on both electric and acoustic guitars, working on chords, melodies, sight reading, songs, and theory. To provide the most personal experience, we encourage students to bring their favorite music to each lesson.

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Learn to Play the Music you Love from Certified Instructors

All of our teachers undergo a thorough background check to provide safety for each student. We become familiar with you and your personal goals, bringing your musical aspirations to life one lesson at a time. Guitar lessons are designed to strengthen your talents and ability to play exceptional music while providing a fun and eccentric environment for each student.

Our teachers are comfortable working with musicians of all ages, and whether it’s your first lesson at six years old or you’ve been taking lessons your entire life, we provide a hands-on approach. Begin to understand the methodical approaches to practical application of your guitar, and take your talents to improvisation and tune writing.

Ask yourself what your musical goals and aspirations are. Your instructor will work towards those goals, helping you understand all aspects of playing the guitar. Learn the proper technique, music theory, and the songs you love through a dedicated instructor from Playtime Arts Academy.


$40.00 per 30-minute private lesson held once a week. Discounts are available for more than one guitar student per family. It’s easy to follow your dreams and take the next step in your musical ability. Contact us today to schedule your guitar lessons with Playtime Arts Academy.

We offer our guitar lessons to students in the Greater Baltimore area, including Columbia, Ellicott City, Pikesville, Ownings Mills, Lutherville, Timonium, and all surrounding areas.


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