1) There is currently no registration fee.

2) Tuition is $40 per half hour. Additional half hours of instruction scheduled back-to-back (whether for the same student or for additional students in the same home) are $20 per additional half hours.

3) We only accept payment through the drafting of your checking account.

4) Monthly tuition is debited based on how the calendar falls. Tuition is charged per lesson.

5) Checking accounts of all Playtime Piano clients are drafted on the first of each month. The total amount drafted will be for the current month as well as for any materials received. In addition. Any remaining balance accrued during the previous month will also be included in the draft for the current month. Students beginning lessons or resuming after a break will not be charged until the first of the following month. Any credits from one month will also be reflected on the following month’s debit.

6) Tuition adjustments are only made for regularly scheduled lessons that your instructor is unable to attend if no makeup/reschedule is given. There is no reduction in tuition if the student is unable to attend his or her regularly scheduled lessons regardless of whether the instructor can makeup or reschedule your missed lessons.

7) Credit is also issued for the following holidays (if they are skipped and not rescheduled – as specifically celebrated by your family): New Years Day, Passover, Good Friday, Easter, Memorial Day, Fourth of July, Labor Day, Rosh Hashanah, Yom Kippur, Thanksgiving, Channukah, Christmas Eve, Christmas Day, New Years Eve.

8) A full month of lessons will be credited for each and every family you refer to Playtime Piano Instruction who enrolls and begins lessons for at least one family member.(Free lessons earned but not used are not redeemable for cash.)

9) This is a month to month agreement. You may withdraw the student(s) in your home at any time, however there is a financial obligation for the month’s tuition for the balance of the month of discontinuation, regardless of whether the student(s) in your home attend the remainder of the month’s regularly scheduled lessons. It is your responsibility to contact our office via telephone (443-257-2757) or email ( in the event of discontinuation by any or all students in your home.

10) Refunds will only be issued due to instructor unavailability during the last month of lessons.